Afropharma Experience
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There exists out there much talent, new and old, coming up with the freshest cuts and sewing them up by the minute; matching them to the ever-metamorphosing musical trends.

Or not.
But they do want to be heard.

Then there exists, in here (us, as individuals), who want to sample all out there (them, the conglomerate). But with such aspirations come equally broad responsibilities: rejection of 90% of it. Most of us are nice, not wanting to be the ones having to say, "thanks but no thanks;" who aren't as blunt as American Idol's Simon, who's just looking for some good musicians to share with the rest of the world.

Just consult your audio-pharmaceutical travel agent, Mr. G. Drugs: exposing the right music for the right people.

So this is yet another one of Genetic Drugs' novel medications. Three years ago, after his extensive travels to West Africa, he compiled a CD featuring 67 audio samples from his travels, among other sources. With the support of Radio MultiKulti of Berlin and the European World Music Panel, the project was for musicians and DJs to use the samples to create original tracks. Out of over 100 contributions, eighteen were selected, mixed, and sequenced into the right formula and correct dosage.

This album isn't just "undiscovered" talents: many veteran artists are featured including UK-based The Rootsman, Future Loop Foundation, Zion Train, Genetic Drugs and Jasmon. And characteristic of a Genetic Drugs effort, the tracks don't group themselves into one genre. Take "Afroriental," "God Up Satan Down," and "Yovo Lab," prepping you up with downtempo before going unexpectedly into some Electro-Funk with "Rhodes Revisited" and "Shake," then re-chilling with some Acid Dub by Zion Train and Ornah-Mental.

The remaining tracks make up a good, eclectic blend of Trip-hop, Trance, Experimental, and more by musicians rarely featured anywhere else.

Let not these styles overwhelm you: they complement each other. Take as prescribed: for clubbing, thrilling, and chilling.

ethnotechno rating: 3 out of 5
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  1. indian tea comapny :: faith
  2. comacandy :: afroriental
  3. rootsman :: god up satan down
  4. human art engine :: yovo lab (pick)
  5. genetic drugs and jasmon :: song for sidi niaye
  6. future loop foundation :: this is not new york (pick)
  7. future funk :: rhodes revisited
  8. nobit :: shake
  9. georgie weeratunga & sasha sosic :: afro farmer
  10. zion train :: meiosis
  11. ornah-mental :: the jesus bounce
  12. hypnotix :: pharmabeat
  13. toubab :: gris gris (pick)
  14. dar beida 04 :: afrodailyx
  15. genetic drugs and jasmon :: remove
  16. aod :: m.a.n.u.
  17. le mar :: service and healing
  18. pushkinsound system:: hop hop jesus