Afro Celt Sound System :: Volume 3: Further in Time
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This is the first album I picked up from the ongoing project Afro Celt Sound System. It's a good album with Africanised Celtic rhythms. The cool thing about this endeavour is that you can go to www.furtherintime.com to remix your own version of "Colossus," perhaps the best tune on the whole cd. How many other people are that confident about this new medium?

Featuring an eclectic host of guest artists that include Dhol Foundation's Johnny Kalsi, world music pioneer Peter Gabriel and rock-god Robert Plant, Volume 3's offering of Africanised Celtic sounds will drive anyone to explore their past two trips. Just don't expect the exact same thing, this effort has more of an electronic feel as opposed to the first more new-agey album. But it's about time. We need more meaty electro-celt fusion like this.

The most notable track on this cd is "Colossus," a sublime venture into what the dated box "world" music can be if one puts one's mind and heart to it. Other standouts are the "North" siblings and Gabriel's "When You're Falling." This latest volume, however, starts to get a bit tiresome where their past offerings held together: the pleasant but overly-produced "Lagan," the confused "Life Begins Again," and sedate simplistic closer "Onwards" all fall short of expectations. Production quality aside, the first half of the cd wins in listen-ability.

Does that make sense?

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. North Part 1 (pick)
  2. North Part 2
  3. When Youre Falling (pick)
  4. Colossus (pick)
  5. Lagan
  6. Shadow Man
  7. Life Begins Again
  8. Further in Time (pick)
  9. Go on Through
  10. Persistence of Memory
  11. Silken Whip
  12. Onwards