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dimmSummer is a man among Gods. At night he traverses moonlight soundscapes in search of his audio-self. Ten thousand lifetimes later he finds himself in sonic synergy with a world that he hasn't invented yet...

As a dj, dimm has dropped fresh and unreleased grooves from Hyderabad to London, Toronto to DC, bathroom to livingroom. As a desinger he's moved pixel and ink for Bassnectar, Bill Laswell, Jai Uttal, Anoushka Shankar, Sussan Deyhim, TJ Rehmi, Susheela Raman, Karsh Kale, MIDIval PunditZ and way too many others.


Derek Beres

Derek Beres is the author of Global Beat Fusion: The History of the Future of Music, documenting the new world mythology being created by international electronica. He spends his mornings and evenings teaching Vinaysa yoga around NYC, and days writing for Paste, Urb, Trace, Relix, Remix, Global Rhythm and a host of other mags - and EthnoTechno, where he really gets to spread his mind over global beats. Late nights he's on the decks with GlobeSonic Sound System surveying unexplored sonic terrain. He's currently working on his first novel, Mysterious Distance, as well as producing new records for '06 on Balkan and yoga beats.



shree's passion for opening new ears to the harder side of the asian massive/underground led him to man the decks across austria, the downbeat hub of europe, opening for the likes of dj ritu, pathaan, cheb i sabbah and equal-i. for over two years, shree co-hosted a monthly webradio show on play.fm, showcasing the latest in eastern electronica and also dropped a closing set at the first ever indian electronica festival in london in august 2006. also sharing the decks and stage was a who's who in the electronica scene - dr. das, shiva soundsystem, bandish projekt, bobby friction and visionary underground, among many, many others. shree has no idea why electronic dance music makes so much sense to him, but he thinks that nicking his brother's depeche mode and new order records as a kid had something to do with it. shree recently relocated to new york city and has joined dimmsumer and bollygirl as a resident at 'bpm-made in india' nights, hosted by AVAAZ



Sarika Dani is a promiscuous chaser of subculture. While meaningful relationships with British indie, rock n roll and sexy forms of dance music keep her sonically polygamous, she is always dedicated to the discovery of the ground-breaking. She is thankful for her stumble into the deep brown underground, which led her to the pages of clubwallah.com and ethnotechno.com. She has also written about music, material goods and love for Billboard.com, Budget Living and Tango, and believes that almost everything tastes better with truffle oil.



Laura Taflinger, or "Ginger Jihad," as Shiva Soundsystem calls her, is a Hoosier-Californian freelance video editor/shooter trying not to get deported from London. Since being sucked into the UK Asian Underground scene, Laura has shot for MTV India and edited a movie about Pakistani Muslims, and currently shares a lair with Studio Mogul. 40 hours of documentary footage about the scene remain on the shelf until she can figure out what to do with it. After spending way too much time in Asian breakbeat clubs, she still prefers pretty tunes with Indian female vocals, which apparently makes her a "yoga ho."

Past writers include Sanjoy Biswas, DJ Advent, and Vijay Choksi. Guest writers on EthnoTechno include: sajit, dj sharaab, dj pras, dj sayon, maulik, anuj, nat, nerm, chance and vivek.

Interviews currently transcribed by Laura Taflinger.