Spacecake by Genetic Drugs & Jasmon
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They say Genetic DruGs is "your audiopharmaceutical travel agent." I say, "hook me up with a trip."

Travel agent indeed. What happens when travel agents travel themselves? With influences ranging from his trips from the Indian Subcontinent to the African west to the Arab world, DruGs and Jasmon produce a sound mellow yet dynamic in its effects. The majority of the tracks are a cross between soft lounge and fast-paced drum 'n' bass fit for a dancefloor. Quite clever, I must say.

The melodious Arabic strings, the oud and kamantcha, and the guest vocals of Egyptian pop star Mohamed Mounir in two of the tracks contribute to the Arabic flavor of the album; santoor samples from virtuoso Nandkishor Muley complete the Indian flow; rap in Senegal's Wolof dialect in "Song for Sidi Ndiaye" - get the picture?

You can be on the dancefloor with this or you can sit at home. Either way you will move -even if it is sipping gin and juice in tandem to the beats.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Frequencies
  2. Encore Pitiyanman (Omo Lilo) (pick)
  3. Washri (La La La)
  4. Chidambaram (pick)
  5. Sleeping UFO (pick)
  6. Remove
  7. Fi Eshk El Banat (Na Na El Genana) (pick)
  8. The Egyptian Delegate
  9. Song for Sidi Ndiaye
  10. Caucasus (pick)
  11. Lost Frequencies
  12. Bollywood Spacecake (pick)
  13. Outro Contact