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With such an expansive flurry of music falling under the term "electronica," the genre's main feature is ease of accessibility: computers can mimic virtually any form, without the human passion, possibly, but for innovative artists, not the case at all. Certainly we don't need another music categorized beyond belief - look, for example, at how much damage the hundreds of offshoots of Catholicism imposes - but we can delve slightly into a few well-circulated digital forums.

With drum-and-bass and (the dated term) techno culling from a young, driven audience, and house a mature, soulful feel, lounge spreads across the spectrum. While there's nothing forthright outstanding about most downtempo cuts, that's not the purpose. A solid beat, a deep groove, a hook or two thrown in to refer back - those are necessary elements in a solid lounge cut. Recline does its job well, offering essentials while cutting out extremities.

dZihan & Kamien, trademarked by eclectic palates of jazzy house, middle eastern rhythms, and booming bass, keep it simple on the opening "Homebase," a great intro to a compilation of equal lax. Six Degrees has seen the classic Stay Human by Michael Franti & Spearhead mixed, remixed, re-remixed and retransformed a million times over, their offering here ("Skin of the Drum") of the better lot. Future Loop Foundation follows with a somewhat generic beat, but bass warm enough to keep the chill chillin'.

Recline wavers from here, ranging from on-point to acceptable, but just as there are no stand-outs, no bombs exist either. The reworking of Zuco 103's "Fame Total" calms the Brazilified hype often attached to the Brazil/Amsterdam/Germany connection, while countrymate Bebel Gilberto closes the record gorgeously with "Mais Feliz," from her certified quadrasomething-platinum Tanto Tempo. Nothing shattering nor groundbreaking, Recline holds its own as a relaxing, soft-spoken collection of illbient tracks.

ethnotechno rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Homebase :: dZihan & Kamien (pick)
  2. Skin on the Drum [Bassnectar Remix] :: Michael Franti (pick)
  3. Indigo :: Future Loop Foundation
  4. Linoleum [Wamdue 2-Step Dub Experience] :: David Sylvian
  5. Little Gem [Gary Hughes Pink Panther Remix] :: Euphoria
  6. Sheer Weight of Memory :: Bob Holroyd
  7. Fame Total [Funky Lowlives Dub] :: ZUCO 103
  8. Romeo's Fate [I: Cube Mix] :: Sylk 130
  9. Juliet :: DJ Cam
  10. New Home :: Zimpala
  11. Mais Feliz :: Bebel Gilberto (pick)