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Two years ago, shortly after the launch of Ethnotechno, dimm lent me Eligayehu Shibabaw's debut album, GIGI. It stayed in my CD players at home, work, & in the car for a very long time, and it continues to be an all time favourite for the indelible mark it left behind from this unique and wondrous chanteuse of Abyssinia.

I got to see her live last year at Joe's Pub, and it only affirmed my total rapture with her voice and music. 2002 also gave us Tabla Beat Science Live and a chance to hear her showcased in a live setting. I'm eagerly awaiting her next full length release which should be out sometime this year hopefully!

In the meantime, we'll have to whet our appetites with Illuminated Audio, a remix album by Bill Laswell, made at the suggestion of Palm's Chris Blackwell. An admirable piece of re-engineering, re-layering, re-thinking, & re-interpreting from the producer-bassist-artistic-visionary-extraordinaire that he is. Laswell unleashes an entirely new transformation to the original music and vibe, creating a swirling and mystical ambient entity that stands on its own.

This is something you can sit back and chill to while still nodding your head. The mistress's voice weaves in and out through the brew...but as an afterthought it seems at times. Personally, I'd have preferred more Gigi in my cup of yirgacheffe. Have a taste and see how it suits you.

ethnotechno rating: 4 out of 5
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  1. Abay
  2. Tew Ante Sew
  3. Mengedegna
  4. Kahn
  5. Sew Argen
  6. Nafeken (pick)
  7. Abet Wubet (pick)
  8. Guramayle (pick)
  9. Gud Fella (pick)
  10. Guramayle (Slight Return)