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Revolution Rising vol.1 presented by dimmSummer (USA version)

listen to samples now (USA version – with some pimping by the BBC Asian Network):

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Rolling hard on the bass drop, the High Chai Recordings label is excited to serve up its latest offering compiled by visionary dimmSummer - presenting original tracks from Karsh Kale, Midival Punditz, Niraj Chag, the Nasha Experience, Jalebee Cartel, and GOONDA, along with remixes from The Arch Cupcake (Cheb i Sabbah), Jahcoozi (Asian Dub Foundation), Sub Swara (State of Bengal) and Shiva Soundsystem (Swami) plus many more...

"[dimmSummer] handpicks sixteen artists to include on this impressive debut... a thick exploration of dubstep proper, minimalism, d&b, and thriving electro..."
- Derek Beres [Huffington Post]

"Ethnotechno Vol. 1 presented by dimmSummer is an album that manages to take an electronic, bass heavy snap shot of 21st Century South Asian audio. If you want to hear what happens when notes, melodies and arrangements are constructed in real-time by producers spread over 7 continents then look no further. The future of South Asian music has arrived - Rising 'inna Revolutionary stylee!"
- Bobby Friction [BBC Radio1 & The Asian Network]

"... a complete sonic adventure of musical gems"
- Pathaan [BBC/Worldwide]

"RR rises above the glut of "global electronica" compilations to present a thrilling snapshot of a vital musical scene that is continuing to morph & re-invent itself in fascinating ways. dimmSummer has put together the best globe-centric collection of the summer..."
- Bob Duskis [Six Degrees Records]

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made from recycled materials

made from recycled materials

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22 Responses

  1. […] release date: june 22nd listen to samples & pre-order the limited edition cd […]

  2. jurgen says:

    great selection!

  3. Nav says:

    sounds interesting. placed my order already 🙂

  4. swarAnanda says:

    mighty collection

  5. René says:

    The “Hammer” – since a long time was nothing coming out like this!

  6. René says:

    The “Hammer” – since a long time was nothing coming out like this!

  7. cenzo says:

    DS pullin’ it all in. The state of the union is strong tonight.

  8. ben i says:

    congratulations!!! excellent selection… one of the highlights of this year’s cd releaases in this genre… i just ordered it… and big compliments for this page in general… a must for all global-dancefloor-freaks… cheers dj ben i sabbah

  9. pkhanna says:

    why cant i just buy singles? any other website selling tracks individually? itunes doesn’t have it

  10. dimm says:

    hi there, the digital release will be arriving soon 😉

  11. sanjaykundalia says:

    this is tooo good … just in time for summer too!!

  12. Kristina says:

    This album is incredible, I have it everywhere, house, car, work…..a great introduction for me to some new artists…..

  13. Excellent compilation! Will be pimping it on our podcast.

  14. mar00ned says:

    Is there a digital download available for purchase ?

  15. dimm says:

    digital coming in a few weeks…

  16. […] out this REVOLUTION RISING compilation that just got dropped. And check out the star studded cast of globalists on the playlist: Asian […]

  17. kazimoto says:

    amazing, amazing stuff, dimm. if this is vol 1, can’t wait to see what sort of sweetness vol 2 and beyond will bring. will the digi download be on itunes?

  18. dimm says:

    thanks for the lrg ups! digital release just around the corner – so if you haven’t grabbed the limited edition cd + goonda double disc GET IT NOW!!!!! offer valid until the digital drop!

  19. […] album. Out on New Year’s Day, aptly titled Nu asian soundZ is the second release (first being: Revolution Rising) by the brains behind, […]

  20. […] good friends at High Chai Recordings NYC – the label that brought us Revolution Rising and Nu asian soundZ, have given me a 4 copies of GOONDA: Third World Radio as […]

  21. Kurt Bensch says:

    I heard several songs on radio stationKPFT 90-1 in Houston, TX. They played a song featuring the sitar and a indian singer. The song was long and seemed to constantly refrain “Kali”. When the song ended the djs taled about an album “revolution rising”. I really liked this music and would like to buy the featured album with the song on it. This was played on 15 Mar about noontime in Houston. Can you help with an actual title and album source?



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