Amina :: Nomad: the Best of
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Amina is a Tunisian hottie who sings Arabic and French tunes as Cheb Mami and Khaled and Alabina and host of other middle-eastern recording artists based in France do. She's also a big movie star overseas, but not many people in the States know about her cuz she's African.

Amina was born in Carthage, Tunisia, a country sandwiched between Algeria and Libya, but sharing little of the political turmoil typical of many Middle eastern/North African Arabic countries. However, Amina does admit that the traditional Arabic woman's role isn't for her, and this freedom she seeks is self-evident in her music.

Nomad: best of traces her musical growth in order of release, with the newest and most modern tunage near the ass-end of the cd. Her music isn't as electro-fied as Natacha Atlas' is, and leans more to the traditional arabic sounds.

I couldn't decide whether to give Amina three or four ambiguous spheroid things for this compilation cd with previously unreleased material. I had to weigh the traditional Arabic and overall poppy-feel of the music against her being a total frickin honey, so she gets 3.5 ambiguous spheroid things™.

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  1. Ya Baba
  2. Le Dernier Qui A Parle
  3. Atame
  4. Allah Ya Moulenah (pick)
  5. C'est Gai
  6. Waadileh (pick)
  7. Digge (Le Gong A Sonne) (pick)
  8. Ederlezi
  9. Dis-Moi Pourqoi
  10. Yanari
  11. Le Cercle Rouge
  12. My Man
  13. Lirrili (pick)
  14. La Mauvaise Graine (pick)
  15. Habibi